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Finger and Toe releases new 15mm Higgins Boat pdf

Finger and Toe has a new 15mm Higgins Boat pdf available for purchase and download.


From the release:

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the Higgins Boat, a 15mm pdf model of the World War II LCVP. This was the little landing boat Ike said won the war. The model comes with a detailed interior and measures about four and half by one and three quarter inches. The interior is about three quarters of an inch deep. The landing ramp is designed so it can be glued permanently up or down or flexibly attached to move as needed. As there were many versions of the Higgins Boat with numerous differences in detail, the Finger and Toe model represents a generic model which can be used in any theater of war or patrol rivers and islets in post-war years. You could even smuggle contraband up jungle streams or support a party of post-war archaeologists searching for lost temples.