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Finger and Toe releases MI-228 Vulture

Finger and Toe Models have released the 28mm MI-228 Vulture paper miniature kit. MI-228 Vulture From their announcement:
Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock MI-228 Vulture in four color schemes: a blue-gray urban, yellow-brown dazzle, gray, and olive drab. The model has a six and three quarter inch wingspan and a five inch length. The model represents the Milova Design Bureau’s multi-role VTOL as produced in its main factory complex on Acidion IV on an assembly line running parallel to that of its smaller cousin the MI-124 Strkoza. Of course, the MI-228 Vulture can be used in any near-future setting. For a slide show go to and navigate to 28mm sci-fi vehicles. Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your MI-228 Vulture, a new one waits your summons from hard drive and printer. MI-228 Vulture is available from or for $5.00.