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Finger and Toe releases introductory-priced cardstock Perimeter defenses

Finger and Toe have released a set of introductory-priced cardstock Perimeter defenses - Tango Prime: Perimeter. Tango Prime: Perimeter From their announcement:
Tango Prime: Perimeter is an inexpensive, introductory model set for Finger and Toe Model’s 28mm sci-fi fortress sets, so you try out the series for a very low price before deciding whether or not to buy one of the larger sets. Perimeter is a simple set of a guard post and walls (including bastions and armored guard posts) that can create a flexible defensive system that can be bent to your needs. A complete redesign and significant expansion of the original Barricade product, Perimeter includes the original barricade set plus four additional pages of models. Tango Prime: Perimeter is priced at an enticing, extraordinarily low price so you can easily see if the Finger and Toe product line is for you. You can spend hundreds–even thousands–on expensive resin terrain, then weeks of painting before your gaming friends see your two or three masterpieces. Or . . . you can try Tango Prime: Perimeter to see it works for you, then spend a few dollars on our other sets and in a few hours cover the table–with cover. That's why we're called Finger and Toe Models. We won't cost you an arm and a leg. Come visit us at and see what more you can do with the extensive line of historical, fantasy, and sci-fi model sets. While Finger and Toe specializes in 28mm scale, many models are scaled for 15mm figures, action figures, or even scaleless to blend with any models you have. Tango Prime: Perimeter is available from or for an amazingly low fifty cents.