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Finger and Toe releases 28mm PDF Sci-Fi Boarding Craft

Finger and Toe has a new Sci-Fi Boarding Craft .pdf available for purchase and download.

From the release:

The 28mm card stock PDF ACS-117A Remora boarding craft is Finger and Toe’s basic vehicle for delivering a squad of armored troops to enemy dreadnoughts or space stations. The bay is large enough to carry a small platoon of unarmored soldiers once the assault troops have led the way.

The ACS-117 comes in two color schemes: Fleet Gray and Planetary Air Force Blue. Included are parts to create the ACS-117B gunship with two dual laser turrets and two plasma cannon, the ACS-117C missile carrier armed with two reloadable missile pods each containing nine mixed load missiles, or the ACS-117D command ship. A removable top allows quick and easy access to the cargo bay. The set includes re-entry field generators which allow the boarding craft to be quickly converted to a drop ship.

In addition, there is a simplified model which can be built quickly and used as an entry and exit zone with the Finger and Toe Omega Prime line of modular science fiction interiors. As a bonus, there are two unmanned autonomous vehicles to provide your boarding party with heavy firepower.