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Finger and Toe releases 28mm card stock Ruined Factory

Finger and Toe Models release their 28mm Ruined Factory on WarGame Vault.

From their announcement:

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock RUINED FACTORY. Designed to go with Finger and Toe’s FACTORY, RUINED FACTORY comes with the factory building itself, a side building, collapsed and fallen chimneys, a small crater, rubble pile, downed power line, and oil drums with three different logos. Kitbashers can even build their FACTORY as a shell that slips over the RUINED FACTORY. Like the other models that comprise the warehouse district, RUINED FACTORY can be used across a wide range of time periods and genres.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if ya’ll smoosh your RUINED FACTORY, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.