Finger and Toe release the Mantis Drop Pod vehicle

Finger and Toe have released a new paper miniature vehicle kit, the Mantis Drop Pod vehicle.


From their announcement:

Drop pods tend to, well, drop . . . then just sit there collecting dust and mud. You want yours to do more—why can’t they take the fight to the enemy as well? Finger and Toe has the perfect solution: the Mantis family of drop pod vehicles. Orbit to active combat in twenty minutes or less, bringing new meaning to death from above.

Finger and Toe Models announce its latest release, Mantis, a squad drop pod designed for 28mm skirmish wargaming with any gaming system or rules. Mantis comes in many versions: the basic armored personnel carrier (closed or open-topped), a fire support version that can take on any heavy tank on the battlefield, a command vehicle, a medevac, an urban assault support version, a vertical launch version for indirect fire support, a mortar carrier. There’s an extra page of bits for kit-bashing and a host of options. Mantis comes in six color schemes each with unique markings based on actual American and Russian aircraft..

Mantis stands about two inches tall, a little over five inches long, and four inches wide (with optional shield generators).

Like all Finger and Toe models, Mantis comes with Smoosh Assurance: if your gamer friends smoosh your model, just print up a new one. No waiting for a fifty dollar model to come in the mail. Just a little ink, a few sheets of card stock, some glue, and a refreshing beverage while you cut and glue.

Mantis is available for $6.00 exclusively at and

Finger and Toe’s motto, “Because they don’t cost you an arm and a leg,” explains the company’s philosophy: affordable scenery and model sets for wargamers. Visit the website, look around, have fun. If you like what you see, try our other products at RPGNOW or Wargames Vault