Finger and Toe release the Firepod drop pod

Finger and Toe have released a new sci-fi paper miniature kit, the Firepod drop pod.


Firepods descend on LA–golfers beware!

From their announcement:

When Magnum Industries acquired the patents, rights, templates and machinery for the SRV-4 Chariot drop pod, they quickly realized that the Chariot simply could not be adapted as much as the military R&D and field personnel wanted. The larger Firepod design was an evolutionary design. The greater capacity allowed military planners a choice of dropping larger units of light infantry or armored troops in their typical smaller squad size. The ability to drop a standard cargo container solved drop troops’ logistical problems, while the GUNPOD version (compatible with any Finger and Toe plug-swappable weapons) simply adapted the cargo carrier to a standard weapons module. The flexibility of the modular weapons pod provided everything from anti-air, to long range indirect fire, to direct fire support and close in defense. Many planners saw the Firepod could easily be the basis for a quickly deployed bridgehead base, substituting habitation/command modules for the cargo containers, while using the squad pod for living quarters.

The modular Firepod is Finger and Toe’s newest model. It stands about five and a half inches. The cargo carrier will accept any cargo with a two inch by two inch footprint. There are nine color schemes, including a pirate pattern for those who just can’t resist plopping their squads on the table and yelling, “ARRRGH.”

Firepod is available from or for $5.00.

Get it and start terrifying your opponents, small pets, and the old lady down the street. Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with Smoosh Assurance: if ya’ smoosh a Firepod, a new one waits your summons from hard drive and printer.