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Finger and Toe Models has a new Firestation (different than yesterdays)

Finger and Toe Models has their own take on the Fire Station terrain piece. Here it is...

As they say about it:

Kvartira Fire Station fits perfectly with your ruined blocks of apartments, or you can use it as a standalone model for an encounter. Take cover behind the new rubble pile. With all the other models in the Kvartira Ruins set and the ruins from the warehouse district series of Finger and Toe models, there’s an enormous and inexpensive variety of terrain for your table. Because this form of architecture has been in use for over a century (and will continue to stand well into the future), there’s much more versatility as the ruins can span multiple time periods from the American Civil War to a near future war in Europe. So whether it’s sniper in Russia or zombies in Cleveland, a Fire station is good to find and climb to safety.