Finger and Toe add message board

Finger and Toe Models now have their own message board.

From their announcement:

Over at the Finger and Toe website the forum is now live. I’m working through the kinks of the Phpbb software, so if you see something odd or unusual or just plain cranky, let me know (and, sadly, I must say, if you do, it will be my fault). All are welcome (even those who think card stock models are for elementary school kids), except for that kid in the back row of Mrs McKinney’s second grade class at at Walker AFB elementary school back in 1955 (you know who you are). I’d like to keep it informal and friendly, but a bit curmudgeonly.

There’s a free gift for those who drop by–a card stock model of a remote weapons station so you can protect happy hour at the officers club from those pesky commandos.