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Fines and Payments Ordered for Kickstarter That Didn't Deliver

Kickstarter is not a sure thing. It's a potential for a product to eventually come to you for being a backer. But what recourse is there when you send in your money and don't get anything in return? This is still some new water we're sailing through. We've seen some court cases already, and a few verdicts brought down. Here's a story about another one, even as some people are getting products in the mail (albeit exceedingly late).

This isn't the first time we've heard about the Asylum Playing Card Case. They were the first ever Kickstarter that a state attorney general went after for failure to deliver on promised products. Now, a ruling has been brought down in that case. Altius Management and co-defendant Edward J. Polchlopek have been ordered to pay in excess of $54k (which includes the court fees) for having not delivered their playing cards.

Two interesting facts about the case are that the defendants never showed up for their day in court (and no defense attorney listed) and that, while communication has still be exceedingly lacking (... well... non-existant), some backers of the project have started to get their products in the mail.

This is really setting a precedent for backers having real power in getting the products promised to them by companies that they funded over on Kickstarter.