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Find My Monsters Card Games On Kickstarter

Nostalgic Bid Kid Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Find My Monsters, their new card games. Yes, card games, because Find My Monsters is two games in one. The games are a sort of Memory-style matching game designed for little kids all the way up to big, nostalgic kids. In the first, and simpler of the two, you're just trying to match like-colored monsters. In the second, the points total on each monster comes into account. So while you may not have the most monsters at the end, if you have the most points, you win.
The campaign is up and and is set to run for another 20 days.

From the campaign:

Alfi and Penny have lost control of their pet Monsters. Help them collect these Monsters-on-the-loose. In Game 1 of Find My Monsters, the player to round up the most Monsters wins, and in Game 2, the player with the most Points wins!

2 Players
Game 1/Ages 3 and up - Game 2/Ages 6 and up
5 to 10 Minutes

Contents -

36 Cards

8 "Green Background" Alfi Cards
8 "Orange Background" Penny Cards
8 "Green Background" Monster Cards
8 "Orange Background" Monster Cards
4 Rules Cards

This game was created by the highly motivated and creative team of Anthony Natale, Elene Natale, and Dino Natale, collectively known as Nostalgic Big Kid Games. We feel that the two games inside this single box of cards can provide many hours of enjoyment for children, families, and of course, Big Kids. We put together this Kickstarter campaign because we need your help to bring this to life. Allow us to make this game a reality.