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Final weekend for Creative Gamescapes sci-fi terrain Kickstarter

Creative Gamescapes is in their final weekend for their sci-fi terrain up on Kickstarter. They've made almost 2x their goal, so there's a couple stretch goal goodies involved. But there's always room for more.

From the campaign:

An enormous thank you CGS supporters! We appreciate your help reaching our initial funding goal and will now be able to create molds of the first four Spaceship X Crewmen, we’ve also hit our first stretch goal and are closing in on the next one.

Those at the Tramp Freighter, Corsair and Spaceship X Construction Set Pledge Levels and above should be excited as well, we’ve added a number of new pledge levels and as we hits the new stretch levels, they will receive those new rewards for free!

We’ve also added a number of great new characters: Customs Officers Quinto and Jules, Laboratory X Zombie Scientists, Deckhands Wilhelm and Ross and Captain Durnell.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.