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Final Week of Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter, New Add-On Added

Ares Games has been rolling along quite nicely with their Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter campaign. In case you'd forgotten, that's the game where you play as reawakened heroes from a bygone age, summoned back to the conscious world to fight a growing evil in the world. But you're a bit groggy and have to beat up on some lesser evils first. Will you regain your strength in time to save the world?

Well, they're in their final week, but that certainly doesn't mean they've shown all their cards. Like many good campaigns, they're saving some of the best for last. These interest me, since I've never really been one for the "typical-sort" of heroes. Human Paladins, Elf Rangers, Dwarf Fighters, and such like that aren't bad at all, but I'm much more interested in the hero types you don't see too often. That's the case with this particular add-on. This one gives you characters like Onamor the Conjurer and Volkor the Drakonian.