Final week for Rise of the Kage on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Sep 28th, 2014

GCT Studios has just under a week left for their Rise of the Kage Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made their goal and gone through several stretch goals as well. How many more can they get through? Well, that’s up to you.

Final Week


From them to you:

The campaign has been ticking along nicely and we have unlocked a ton of stretch goals along the way. Come and join us for the final push.

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  • Soulfinger

    (This post has been edited)

    • odinsgrandson

      I’ve known you to get your posts toned down a bit before, but I don’t think I’ve seen them completely redacted.

      On a more relevant note- I’m surprised that this Kickstarter hasn’t been bigger. It has all of the trappings of a KS that would go huge- good minis, high model count that gets bigger with stretch goals, it comes from a known company that has been producing cool things for quite a while.

      It is no surprise that it is being successful, but I don’t see why it isn’t being a lot more crazy big.

      • hithero

        I’ve got the feeling that GCT don’t want this to go big. Their attitude is to just sit and wait for backers to see FB or an add and back. There is very little interaction between the creator and backers to get them excited and talking about the KS to their mates about the game, it needed some ooomph injected into the campaign for it to really take-off in my opinion.

      • Soulfinger

        Not a biggie. If I recall, I strongly implied that you’d have better odds of winning the contest by posting here. It was kind of a jab at people who’ve only ever posted to win free swag, that they could at least post here to feign sincere interest in the product or site. It would have been possible for some schmo, schlemiel, or schmendrick to take it literally. I also drink a lot, so I might have posted something else entirely that I rationalized away with this story.

      • Bewulf

        I think it is not going crazy because of a lot of little things.

        GBP and not USD as currency.
        Most people are used to USD, so a campaign not using USD will gather less than a compareable campaign using USD.

        High entry point of 100 USD + shipping for base game or 150 USD + shipping for “sweet spot”.
        Going above 100 USD (thanks to shipping) for a board game is probably a bad idea unless you a have a huge established fanbase or can suggest a lot of value.

        The graphic overview for the red level took some time and convincing and that there still is no graphic overview for the amber level.
        Especially at the later stages of a campaign potential backers need to see quickly what they are getting. The longer they need to find info, the less likely they are to back.

        High initial expectations that were (not all) lowered when it became obvious that they were not reachable.
        While it is good that they adjusted the stretch goals it would have been even better if they did not have to it all, as that causes the “Why can they suddenly do more for less?” question to pop up in the minds of backers and they still have crazy stuff like 1000 facebook shares for a single card.

        Few different miniature sculpts.
        While you get a lot of minitatures they are not that many sculpts. Of the 107 minis you get at the red level 60 are from just 3 sculpts (3*20 Novice Guards).

        Redundant miniatures.
        Half the miniatures you get are there to signify the model being in a different state (alert/un-alert for guards, detected/undetected for ninjas) by using a different color for the miniature while the sculpt stays the same. Boardgamers do not care that much about the minis and are fine to use counters (which are in also in the game), while miniature gamers will (dream to) paint the figures at which point the different color no longer helps.
        While it is certainly a nice gimmick, it might have been better to include fewer miniatures and lower the price (also see “High entry point”) or use different sculpts for the different states (also see “Few different miniature sculpts”). The different colored figures could still have been offered as add-ons (clear see-through ninjas anyone?).

        • odinsgrandson

          The $100 buy in is ideal for Kickstarter (the generally most successful sweet spot). Adding shipping later is probably not a problem (Super Dungeon did that- mind it was already a successful game, so it might not be comparable).

          But I guess the sweet spot here is $150.

          I bet the dollars thing hurt them more- I can’t remember a KS that got huge on pounds.

  • Ewan Hoosami

    Hi all this is my first post here and I thought I might comment on this kickstarter. Crowd Funding is something I have steered away from for various reasons, but I have played Bushido and have some of GCT’s fine miniatures in my possession, but when I read over and watched the videos for the Rise of the Kage board game I just could not resist getting involved this time.
    Imagine playing a game where you get to sneak about the Daimyo’s palace as a Ninja trying to complete your mission undetected or playing as a guard trying to thwart the same Ninjas mission. Throw in a huge stack of high quality figures, beautifully presented playing maps, cards and the usual collection of playing aids and then find the figures can be used to play anther GCT game called Bushido, with the character cards for that game available as add ons.

    The game is reaching new stretch goal targets nearly daily now and GCT are listening to the input of subscribers ideas and have even let us decide what the next board will be.
    Am I excited? Hell Yeah! I’ve chucked dollars at this kickstarter at the highest level, gone for all the addons including 6 metal Ninja figures. So far I am looking at getting the game with all the figures at about 1GBP per 28mm figure. AWESOME DUDE!