Final Week for Maelee Set Kickstarter from Bombshell Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 6th, 2013

Bombshell Miniatures is in their final week for their Maelee Set. They’ve made their funding goal, so it’s stretches for this final run until the end.

From the update:

We are closing in on the final days of the Kickstarter for our Special Edition Maelee Set! Thanks for sticking with us. We have received great comments and messages about the project. As much as it is a relief for you to keep up with, it is for us too. We appreciate the support and encouragement!

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  • revoltgames

    sweet stuff going to pledge 🙂

  • Ghool

    Shipping rates are just bonkers to get stuff from the US.
    Yet again another campaign I won’t back due to the postage costing 50% of what the pledge costs.

    • Soulfinger

      Can’t be helped. The US postal service revised its rates so that it is cheaper for me, in Indiana, to order stuff from China than from the neighboring state of Illinois. I’m pretty sure it was a move done to protect large corporations from the threat of small retailers and resellers shipping overseas (i.e. it costing less for an Australian to buy GW merchandise from an American reseller than from GW itself).

      • Lemminkaeinen

        All GW’s fault.

        • estrus

          It always is.

      • cybogoblin

        I love UPS’ ‘bonus’ charge for shipping things to Hawaii. The ‘we can’t drive there’ fee.

        It was cheaper for me to being product purchased at GenCon back to NZ then send it to Hawaii than it was to send it from GenCon. Wacky.

  • puster

    Which ultimately will just produce small resellers from China at the cost of those in the US, without the big corporations gaining much…

    • Ghool

      It’s all just part of the conspiracy of big business man! 😛