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Final week for FireBucket Games T5 Kickstarter

FireBucket Games is under a week in time for their T5 Terrain Kickstarter campaign. They've made it to almost 3x their goal. They'd certainly like to make it there and then some.


From them to you:

At the time of writing this, the next stretch goal is for Higher Detail through More Layers and it promises to dramatically transform the aesthetic appearance of the outside of the Modular Building Building Modules. The higher detail will be achieved by replacing a 3mm fiberboard layer with three 1mm chipboard layers, meaning that the designs on the walls don’t just look like they have depth, they actually will have depth. By adding this true depth to the design, FireBucket Games will be able to add shapes that were not previously possible; things like 3D finials above doors, exhaust fans, access panels, window/door trim, and more. This goal is not far away, and more great designs await their unlock beyond it.

All of these things can be yours, but only if you pledge within the next seven days.

Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete buyers will have the option to preorder, but not with the freeT5 tiles, free shipping containers, free planters, or other bonus rewards that FireBucket Games has offered to its backers as thanks for their support.