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Final Week for Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter

Scale Games is in their final week for their Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter campaign. There's still plenty of stretch goals to make it through, so keep those pledges coming.


From the campaign:

$97,500 - Hank "Operator 323"

Hyperion troops were developed during the Ares independence war to minimize casualties against an enemy that equaled them in physical abilities and doubled them in number. Hank was the first commander of Hyperion armor deployed on a planet controlled by operators.

During the battle in the factory complex Tau Gamma 23 Hank was caught between two units of operators. His armor managed to resist enemy fire quite well but his ammo depleted dangerously fast. When he ran out of ammo there were still three operators shooting from behind a giant robotic arm that they used as cover. Desperate and with his armor receiving strong punishment Hank knew he would not last much more in that situation.

He plucked a steel panel that covered a pillar of the factory and charged toward the group of operators. When he reached the giant robotic arm he ripped off the mechanical limb that ended in a forge hammer and started to smite his enemies until there were none left alive.

A few seconds after Brett appeared, looked him up and down and said sarcastically: “You are a blacksmith now, Hank?”