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Final week for Age of Conan on Kickstarter

Ares Games has just a week left for their Age of Conan Kickstarter campaign. They're over 700% funded, but there's always more they could unlock.


From the campaign:

King Conan's Coffers are getting more and more full each day, and the offering of our first Add-On - King Conan's Coins got the project to ride beyond the $ 70,000 goal.

Now, the new Artifact Counters and Artifact Cards will become a part of your rewards, and more rewards are ahead of us.

Until now, we had a new Stretch Goal every 10,000 dollars, but for the next stretch ahead of, we decided to offer not one, but two goals - because one of those two goals will not benefit all backers.

Supporting the players of ALL editions of the game (at the very least, in PDF format), is something that was dear to us, and we wanted to include this upgrade to the project. And we will, as we reach our $ 80,000 goal, by Crom!