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Final preview of the Amakudari Stomper

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted the final preview of their 15mm Amakudari Stomper. Amakudari Stomper From their announcement:
This is a beast of a walker and if you own the Strider or Seeker you know how large this kit will be by viewing the photo. I do not know how much this kit will cost to produce but figure a retail price of around 50-60 is not going to be out of question. If you bought a voucher and want one please let me know as the first run done is going to be enough to cover initial per-orders plus 20. You have one day left to purchase a voucher. The special price for this kit is going to be 45.00 - This is planned to be an all resin kit -- perhaps the smaller bits will be metal like the strider kit is.
I am shooting for October release along side the 32mm Russian Combat Heavy Armor that is being reprinted this in a quality material -- I am doing a special on those as well -- 5 man set for 40.00 The website is getting updated this weekend with a host of new products for September listed out in a past thread. Again Thank You to all those that have purchased vouchers and those that continue to support Micropanzer Wargame Studio. Stomper - Strider - Seeker all for 15mm scale - Next project is new parts for strider and seeker to set them apart visually. The seeker and strider will make it in the 32mm line up for early 2012 - Stomper would have to have demand as it would be almost 9 1/2 inches tall.