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Final Pre-Show Friday Update for CMON Expo 2015

Well, it's almost here. This will be the last pre-show Friday update for CMON Expo 2015. Why's that? Because by this time next Friday, the first day of the show will be almost over! Everyone is extremely excited to get things underway. The update for this week is the time schedule for the various panels that will be at the show.


For those coming to the show and want to plan your day out, here's when the various panels will be:

Setting the Scene: World Building and its Importance to Immersion in Table Top 9am
The Others: The Next Nightmare 10am
Dark Age: Darkness on the Horizon 11am
Wrath of Kings: The World & the Future 12pm
Podcaster Pantheon 1pm
Zombicide: Black Plague Panel 2pm
From Tabletop to Digital Design With Eric Lang 3pm
Journey to Arcadia 4pm
From Concept to Completion: the Journey from Initial Design to Final Product 5pm
Kickstarting Success 6pm
Watch the Clock with On the Lamb Games 9pm-11pm

CoolMiniOrNot State of Affairs 1pm

Will you be coming to the show? If so, I'll be seeing you there. Stop by and say hello. I don't bite... too often anymore, anyway... not after the settlement... but that's beside the point! The CMON Expo is almost here and I, personally, can't wait!