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Final Hours of Kuzaarik Kickstarter - special printed items added

DGS Games is in their final day over on Kickstarter for their Kuzaarit expansion for Freeblades. They've made it to their goal, so it's looking to get some stretch goals in before the clock ticks to 0.


From the campaign:

With less than 24 hours left, DGS Games has added some special printed rewards in response to backer requests. These are printed rules booklets and model stat cards (previously only available as pdfs from the website).

In addition, we have a set of cardstock stat cards for you. You can get a 6 card set of the Starter Box (1 card for each of the models in the starter set) from any of our 8 released Factions (Black Rose, Black Thorn, Falkaar, Grular, Haradel, Kuzaarik, Trilias or Urdaggar). Each set would be a $10 Add-on. The stat cards are 5"x8" and you can see an example here.

These are also only available via the kickstarter (although available as a free pdf download on our website).

The Faction Rules booklet is a 10-12 page hardcopy of the faction rules printed on 80# gloss text paper that is stapled into a nice 8.5"x11" booklet. Below is pictured the Falkaaran Faction Rules so you can see and example of what you would be getting. Each booklet contains the stats and any rules not in the Core Rulebook that would be required to play that faction within Freeblades.

For a $7 Add-on, you choose any of the 4 factions not in the rulebook (Falkaar, Urdaggar, Black Thorn or Kuzaarik) or you can get the set of 4 for $25.

These printed booklets are only available through the Kickstarter (although they are free downloadable pdf's on our website).