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Final hours for XenoShyft, stretch goals unlocked

CoolMiniOrNot is in their final couple of hours on Kickstarter for XenoShyft. They've made it over the $220k mark and are looking for your feedback on a new boss monster.

6 Player Add-On Pack


From the campaign:

Backers! Mr. Black here, and the $210,000 goal has been met, meaning the Infestation Pack has been UNLOCKED!

All backers will be receiving four Deathmaw, Gore Mosquitoes, and Grave Titan Tarantulas!

So just what is this mystery bug? Well, that is my personal thank you toward the Kickstarter backers, showing that the most horrifying enemy of all is... MAN!

No, just kidding.

Gather 'round Kickstarters, because I wanted this to be something special for you guys and I thought this would be the best way to do it. Turn on your imaginations and channel into that horrific realm deep inside because... We're making a Boss Monster :)

That's right! You guys are going to help us design the latest incarnation of death for The Hive!