Final Hours for Troublemaker Games Indiegogo campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 27th, 2013

Troublemaker Games is in their final couple hours over on Kickstarter. If you wanted to get in on their 6mm army campaign, now’s the time.

From the update:

Hello amazing people!

We’re going to be away from an internet connection for a few hours (great timing we know!), so we’re going to announce the £11k stretch reward now…

… For every pledger who has put in £30 or more, Ye shall receive a free hardcopy Defeat In Detail rulebook!

…For every pledger who has put in £100 or more, Ye shall also receive two free sprues of plastic bases!

Unless we don’t break £11k. Then you’ll only get the amazing models and free gifts that have already been unlocked and paid for, what a shame!

Thankyou for your incredible and unexpected support everyone!

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  • Soulfinger

    This is especially exciting to see funded now that GW has officially axed their Specialist Games division. GW is still selling remaining stock on their website, but word went out to the retailers that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    • KelRiever

      Regarding Epic:

      Why should Games Workshop make a game that people say they want but few actually purchased? I know, people said, “Hey! $30 Titans are too expensive!”

      Then Games Workshop made Apocalypse! Enter $200+ boxed sets of huge amounts of tanks that people raced to buy and promptly never used. Of a group of 30 40k players, it took 2 years before I saw one game of it played. Oh, and never were all of the tanks people purchased played with, let alone painted.

      So people spend far more on Apocalypse which they never played, then they ever did of Epic. Why NOT stop selling Epic? People want to pay A LOT MORE for games they’ll never play! 😉

      • Soulfinger

        For me, it’s more of a final nail in the coffin sort of thing. Prior to this last edition, Epic was an amazing game — all of the specialist range were, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Necromunda. It was sad to see these phenomenal games marginalized and is sadder still to see them removed entirely. That said, I have a ton of crap from back in the day, because I did go out and buy heavily into Epic: Space Marine, but I couldn’t afford the current prices, especially when retailers were only getting a 20% markdown as opposed to the 40% for the core lines.

  • Haibane

    Epic 3rd edition wasn’t especially well supported (and the too-abstract rules were a big turn-off for a lot of people), but the Epic: Armageddon release was an absolute joke that was bound to fail. The great plastic infantry frames replaced by expensive metal stands, and barely any new models at all, let alone making the much-needed switch to plastic tanks. Such a shame as Epic really deserves its name for the scale of battles you can play out. Still, why bother with that when you can have people buy £400 titans and £300 tank companies and play out Epic scale battles on a stupidly cramped board eh?

  • chaoshead87

    Is it sad that I think all of their good games were the specialist games???

    I will have to look into this campaign again as i only gave it a glance the first time.