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Final Hours for Project: Elite by Artipia Games on Kickstarter

Artipia Games is in their final hours on Kickstarter for Project: ELITE. And by "Final Hours" I really mean just a couple left to go. Sometimes you see someone say "final hours" and it's like "final 1000 hours." But this is not the case here. Final hours is 3.5 hours left to go (at time of posting). The campaign has come a long way, having made more than 6x their funding goal and unlocking a lot of stretch goals and getting some add-ons thrown in as well.

They've already added over 30 extra miniatures, including a mega-boss to the campaign. You can get those for free with certain pledge levels, as opposed to having to pay for them as separate purchases later. Of course, the Kickstarter exclusives might not ever be available again, so there's that. And don't forget the Adrenaline Expansion. That's available as well.

Just a couple hours left to get in on the action!