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Final hours for Mechadrome

Gangfight Games is in their final hours for their Mechadrome Kickstarter. They've made their goal and a bit. Be sure to check out the sample rules and pilot cards.



From the campaign:

The Mechadrome Kickstarter Campaign will be ending Tuesday, July 1 2014 10:00 PM EDT. Thanks to our awesome backers we are funded and can't wait to start making our Mechs! If you would like to join in, now is the time!

Our Light and Medium Terran Mechs are funded, and in our casting company's production queue. We are promising delivery in December, but we expect that to be much sooner, hopefully late October or early November. The retail release probably won't be until some time in 2015, so if you want to get the models ahead of time, and discounted prices, you'll have to join the Kickstarter before it's too late!

Thanks again to everyone for all your help!