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Final hours for Love 2 Hate on Kickstarter

Green Ronin only has a few hours left in their Love 2 Hate Kickstarter campaign. They're really close to their goal. Will your pledge put them over?

Love 2 Hate


From the campaign:

Love 2 Hate is a party game from designer Colm Lundberg. At the lowest level of funding, it will include 254 cards, but we have 324 cards ready to go so that’s what we’re shooting for (stretch goals willing). If the game funds, we will be selling it to book and game stores as we do with our regular product line. However, we are doing a Kickstarter exclusive expansion deck of 60 cards as something special for the early adopters of Love 2 Hate. Better yet, you've got an opportunity to contribute a card to the expansion! See the Party Lover reward tier for more info on that.