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Final Hours for Ghostbusters Kickstarter

Cryptozoic are in their final hours over on Kickstarter for their Ghostbusters Kickstarter campaign. They've come quite a long way and are well over 5x funded (at the time of typing this. It could be a lot higher now, depending on when you see this). They've got a lot of Kickstarter exclusives and add-ons. In fact, they've created an Add-On pack that has all the add-ons on it, and it's priced at $25 less than if you got all the add-ons separately. That was nice of them.
Anyway, the end credits are about to roll, so if you want to go with them, you'd better get in on the action now.

From the campaign:


A couple of notes on the Spooktacular Add-on Pack:

The pack comes with everything shown in the visual but does not come with a Base or Deluxe Game.
There is no additional shipping incurred if purchasing the Spooktacular Add-on Pack.
Rookie: We did not want to leave a grey Rookie out of the Spooktacular Pack nor make that the only way to acquire the piece. Therefore the "New" Ghostbusters Grey Add-on now includes Rookie as well and has changed from $10 to $12. Please be aware of this if you are purchasing that particular Add-on.