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Final hours for Deadzone on Kickstarter

Mantic has just a couple hours left in their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. They're closing in on 7x funded and have unlocked quite a few of stretch goals, but they could always make it through a few more. They've added Forge Fathers, and they'd certainly love to unlock Hund, Bounty Hunter. But if they're going to do it, they need your help.

From the campaign:

NEW! Stretch Goal BONUS $350,000 – Hund Bounty Hunter / Rebs Rin Nomad

It’s often useful to think of the GCPS as a collection of individual states under the hegemony of the Council of Seven rather than as a single political entity. The planets within the GCPS take on the characteristics of their mother corporation. Dialects, left over languages from Old Earth, even currency when you go down the social strata far enough. But above all there are the mother corporation’s laws.

Corporation Central does not care about individual planets. Those are the domains of the corporations, and they lay down their own regulations and bylaws which may bear only passing resemblance those of the next system along the galactic arc.

This means it’s common for criminals to flee justice to another corporation’s space. After all, why should one jurisdiction care about a fugitive from another when they have tens of billions of their own citizens to look over? These criminals run under the impression they will be safe beyond the borders, as no corporation would ever warrant the armed agents of another within its boundaries.

But while justice may not be inevitable within the GCPS, what is is that where there is a niche, there is someone ready to exploit it for gain. Bounty hunters ply the trade lanes between systems, alert to any ship or individual who matches the descriptions of fugitives posted on a dedicated G-Net channel. The men, women and others who save enough for their Hunter Licence are authorised to enter any corporation’s space when on the trail of a fugitive, and it’s common to see heavily armed mercenaries stalking the departure halls of hubstations, checking passengers against their list of wanted perps.

Hund is one such Hunter. He is a bounty hunter’s bounty hunter. In an age where nano cams follow and make stars of Hunters taking down the big name criminals, Hund has a surprisingly low profile. He does not go after the big name contracts; he goes after the hardest. Hund is not in his line of business for the money, he’s in it for the hunt.