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Final Hours for Castles & Crusades Return to the Haunted Highland on Kickstarter

Castles & Crusades has only about 15 hours left on Kickstarter. If you want to get in on this fantasy RPG campaign, you'd better do it now. They've made well above their funding level, so have several unlocked stretch goal goodies available.

From the campaign:

You've unlocked mountains of material for it, adventures, maps, expanded content, miniatures, 3d terrain and more. It is fantastic.

But we've added a little more to encourage you to spread the word and get your friends on board. We've updated the site with the new stretch goals but here they are in short:

20K Unlocks another Reaper Miniature

21K Christina Stiles joins the fray and pens an Highland adventure for pledges $59.00 and up.

23k We'll include players setting material in the Players Guide increasing that book to 90+ pages.

24K We go into the miniature business and use the orc lord who straddles the Highland and Aihrdian worlds as our starting point.