Final few days of Hasslefree auction

Hasslefree Miniatures are auctioning two special editions of one of their 40mm figures. Auctions From their announcement:
As the final part of our '12 days until Christmas' promotion, we placed Day 12 on eBay. The auction is due to end on 01 Jan, 201123:07:40 GMT The auction is for two completely unique, one of a kind, no other copies in this media, resin castings of two of our 40mm scale female figures. The figures are Artemis and Tiriel, one nude figure and one in platemail. Cast by Grey Matter Figures (when they were known as MDC) in a bronze powder-coated black resin. Originally made as test pieces when we were looking into different types of resin for our 40mm range. Although extremely beautiful and crisp, we eventually decided that the productions costs of using this method was unfeasible so for the last few years they have just sat in our display cabinet.
Both figures were sculpted by Kev and are current figures in our 40mm range where they are available in two types of resin (HF blue/grey plus porcelain) plus white metal. However these two copies are the only ones in this type of resin and no more resin variations of these two figures will be made. Full listing is up on Ebay with further descriptions and info including measurements. Your chance to grab a bit of something no-one else has. Happy New Year.