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Final Days of OrcaCon Kickstarter

OrcaCon is running a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes to get some funding for their 2016 show. They've got just a little over a week left and are still just a bit short of their goal. The show, which will be held in Everett, WA. on January 8-10, looks to bring together all sorts of analog gamers (I.E. - card and board games, along with RPGs, and the like) in a fun and friendly environment. Check out the campaign, and hopefully they'll see you at the show in January.

From the campaign:

Our Mission Statement:

OrcaCon is a games and geek convention, focusing on analog games. This includes: board and card games, role-playing games, and miniature games. OrcaCon is focused on creating a safe and welcoming space for promoting the tabletop games hobby, supporting diversity in tabletop games, and building a community of both novice and experienced game players.

The inception of OrcaCon first came about during a rather fun gaming session at Dragonflight 2013. Our group of friends found ourselves reminiscing about the many good times that were had many years ago at Dreamcon. We all wished for there to be another gaming convention in Snohomish County, as the other nearby options required a bit of a drive to Seattle. Thus, OrcaCon was born!

We are working with the Holiday Inn Downtown Everett, as they've hosted many fantastic conventions in the past. We've secured the entire hotel space, so we can bring you the best in games, game programming, and merchants. If you're staying at the hotel, and coming from the airport, you can get a shuttle direct to the hotel for $29 each way! The hotel is right off the train/transit station, so it's easy to get here if you cannot drive. And if you are driving, the hotel as FREE parking! The Holiday Inn Downtown Everett also offers a free shuttle for guests, so you can explore the Everett area! Visit the AFK Tavern a gamer/geek pub, and Boeing's Future of Flight Museum,

We are working with local game companies, game groups, and game creators to bring you the best in:

Board Games
Card Games
Role-playing Games
Story Games
Pokemon Gym & Trivia
Trading Card Games
Collectible Card Games
Miniature War Games
Geeks Who Drink Trivia on Friday and Saturday Nights
Game & Geek Businesses in our Dealers Hall
Panels and workshops from Game Industry Professionals
Playtesting new games
Game Demos