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Final Days for Zpocalypse 2 on Kickstarter

The end is nigh! Greenbrier Games are in their final days for the Zpocalypse 2: Defend the 'Burbs over on Kickstarter. The campaign is over their funding goal, so now it's on to see how many stretch goals they can break through in these last couple of days. To entice you, they've added an exclusive mini to the campaign.

Mad Mechanic

Mechanics are going to be extremely vital during a zombie outbreak. If your getaway vehicle breaks down, you'll want someone who knows how to put it back together again so you can get the heck out of Dodge (or into a Dodge, or Chevy, or Ford...). The Mad Mechanic is also handy with a torch (no, not a flashlight, you crazy Brits reading this) and will happily burn zombies to death (or back to death, or whatever it is that happens to zombies).

You've got just 5 days left to join in on the Zpocalypse 2 boogaloo.