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Final days for Twin Tin Robots up on Kickstarter

Flatlined Games has less than 2 days left up on Kickstarter for their Twin Tin Robots game. They've made it to their funding goal (yay!) and so it's some stretch goals ahoy for them.

From the update:

With the combined amount of the ulule and kickstarter campaigns, we just met the $25k stretch goal!

We'll add team play in all game boxes, along with the previously-reached rocks and teleporters.

The $30k goal is in now sight : a component upgrade that will bring thicker playmats to all game boxes (if we reach that goal the play mats will have the same thickness and linen finish as the game board and programming tokens).

There's 3 days remaining so who knows ,we might even reach further goals such as the $35K capture the flag play mode or the $40k level that will add a set of 18 exclusive glow in the dark robots and bases to each Kickstarter/Ulule 'game' reward!