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Final Days for The Meeple Syrup Show on Kickstarter

The Meeple Syrup Show are in their final days on Kickstarter. They've made more than 7x their goal, but there's always more to get through. The show was begun to provide a "backstage pass" for gamers to see information and interviews about their favorite game designers. They only have 3 days left. As I mentioned, they've made it through several stretch goals, including adding more shows, convention coverage, and no YouTube ads for their programs. But they'd really like to be able to update their video equipment, too.

From the campaign:

After 5 months, we have managed to film 20 main episodes (plus additional content) and have learned a lot over this time. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that, while we love making the show, doing so costs money. This is where you come in! We need your help.

We are hoping that there is enough interest from our friends, family, and supporters to help us achieve our dream of growing and making the Meeple Syrup Show even better!

This year, our goal is to make in Season 2 of the Meeple Syrup Show a minimum of 30 episodes in 2015. With your support, we hope to increase the amount of content by over 3 times the current amount! If we fully fund, we will be able to get up to 100 episodes (that’s over 10,000 minutes of interviews!) for your viewing pleasure!

Base Schedule:

Winter Semester (Jan 1 – Apr 8): 14 episodes (about 30 more guests!)

Depending on stretch goals we will have spring/summer material too!!!

Fall Semester (Sept 2 – Dec 16): 16 episodes (about 30 more guests!)