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Final days for Symetra: hexagonal card game on Kickstarter

Game Point has less than 2 days left in their Symetra hexagonal card game Kickstarter campaign. They're really close to their goal. Will your pledge take them over?



From the campaign:

Symetra is a strategy card game for 1-6 players ages 13 & up. A game lasts anywhere between 20 - 120 minutes depending on the number players and the game mode being played.

Symetra as a deck is a study in systems and game mechanics. The deck comprises of 60 unique cards that cover the base elements, emotions and energies found not only in games, but many different traditions of philosophy, spirituality and divination. A lot of work went into testing and balancing the deck and game symmetrically on many levels to give an original and enlightening gaming experience.

Symetra is easy to pick up and learn in under 10 minutes, but extremely hard to play at a high level (I created the game and am still getting better each time I play!).There are many play modes including teams, draft, short or long games, tournament, solitaire and oracle. Due to this Symetra has an extremely high replay value and no two games are ever the same!