Final days for Storyteller Cards, Storyteller Screen Add-on added

Button Shy has just a couple days left in their Kickstarter campaign for their Fantasy Storyteller Cards. They’re getting ever-closer to their goal. To help things along, they’ve added a new Storyteller Screen add-on.

Storyteller Screen


From the post:

Campbell and I were discussing various add-ons and pledge rewards and a DM screen was a perfect fit for this campaign. It served a few purposes. 1) We wanted something that would showcase the art. And 2) We wanted something to showcase the data. This hit both of them in a really awesome way.

The Storyteller Screen will be in full color. Campbell was away for the Easter weekend and had some mobile computer snags and will have the full color image over very soon. As soon as it’s here, I’ll share it. But I couldn’t want to wait to share it with all of you! So, here is the line art that will be making up the front of the screen. Just imagine the colors. 🙂