Final days for Shadows Over Westminster Kickstarter

Zenion Games has just 2 days left on their Shadows Over Westminster horror deck-building game. They’ve made it over their goal, so it’s seeing how many stretch goals they can make it through.

Shadows of Westminster


From the campaign:

The number one request I have been getting since the very beginning of the Kickstarter was to include more Agents to play as. It’s something that I’ve looked at very closely from the very early stages of the game development, but there was always a problem with trying to fit more in.

Each of the Agents are tied incredibly closely with each of the major game mechanics, filling a very particular niche in a very unique way. A new Agent would either take a new approach on one of those same mechanics, or just be a blend of two of them. Either way, it detracted from the uniqueness of the existing Agents, and having two Agents that focused on similar mechanics in the same play through would either break the game or effectively cancel out each other’s usefulness.

I eventually hit upon a solution that manages to avoid the major pitfalls, but still bring more variety and replayability into the game. Each of the Agents now have two versions of the character. Each version has unique abilities that play into different strategies, but they both fill the same niche in the game. You still can only have one Templar in the group, for example, but you can go with either the classic Knight Templar, who will always be heading up investigations and can hold back impending darkness, or you can have the Templar Chosen, who can mitigate disasters and sacrifice of themselves in order to save the team. While they would break the game if they could team up together, having the choice between them offers you two different approaches to saving the world.

The specific mechanics are still being play tested, and the characters need some art and lore to flesh them out, but I wanted to share a preview of the characters with all of you. Let me know what you think!