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Final Days for Rum & Bones on Kickstarter

CoolMiniOrNot is in their final couple days on Kickstarter for Rum & Bones. Their MOBA-style board game has come quite a long ways since launch. They've added new factions in the form of the French and the Chinese. They've got boatloads (no pun intended) of of mercenaries and extra crew members. They've got custom dice. They've got Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Lord Nelson (among others).

They're more than 9x funded, and still plenty more they can go through, so check 'em out before the end of the weekend.


From the campaign:

Rum & Bones is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews engaged in fierce combat. Inspired by MOBA style video games, Rum & Bones’ gameplay is deep, fast-paced, and highly strategic. The game pits two pirate factions, controlled by 2 to 6 players, whose ships are locked in combat, with each crew attempting to board the enemy ship and disable it.