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Final days for Rise of the Draconids on Kickstarter

AntiMatter Games has just a couple days left in their Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter campaign. They've passed their goal and are working through stretch goals.



From the campaign:

Now that we're nearing the last few days, there are a couple of changes to the stretch goals,adding in a couple of scenic terrain items and bringing in Lithiana a bit closer, to $11,500. The first scenic item are treasure markers, resin cast and about 40-50mm in diameter with lots of detailed gold, crystals and ether tech items. There are planned to be two per pack due to their size. These are placed as treasure objective markers during the game. The next scenic item is a crystal outcropping, areas where models may mine valuable ether crystals. This one should be around 100mm on the base and rise up about 75mm in height, with many crystals and detailed groundwork.