Final days for Rebel Minis’ Goblin Kickstarter

Rebel Minis is in their final days on Kickstarter for their Dark Hold Goblins. They’ve made it through several stretch goals and so there’s plenty to see. Go check ’em out.



From the campaign:

WOW! We are almost at the finish line! With Just 2 days left, we are almost at the 8K stretch goal!
Thanks Everyone! And now a Mini update! I have had several emails asking about the Snail in the Goblin Civilians picture, so we have decided to add that little guy to the Civilian pack! So, if you order that pack or the “I want it all pledge”, you’ll get that little guy included… for Free! Here is a pic of him in case you missed it!

Also, here is just a random shot of metal masters (and a few Painted) that we shot today while waiting on new masters to come in!

Thanks everyone, and spread the word!