Final Days for PoweredPlay Gaming’s LED Kit Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 3rd, 2013

PoweredPlay Gaming has less than 2 days left over on Kickstarter. For those waiting for the last minute, it’s getting close to time.

From the update:

Only two days left for PoweredPlay Gaming’s Kickstarter to launch their modular LED Lighting Kits. The company blew through their first three stretch goals in less that three days, and as of this post, is only $1300 from unlocking their effects microcontrollers.

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  • nimrod_funk

    Is it me or does his cost look high? $30 bucks for what is essentially a small amount of PCB board, some connectors and tape. The LED’s he’s using are like 10 cents a piece. There aren’t even any LED piping or lensing. No flashing or flicker. This is pretty lame. Not trying to stop on their parade but it seems for what they are providing they aren’t really giving much. I’ll have to check my catalog but I think the price point is way too high for what they are offering.

    • Grindar

      You’re not crazy. If the cost were half what it is it’d be about right. I’d do 30 for the microcontroller version. At that point I’m paying for convenience, because I know I could do it all myself. I mean at this point the component list appears to be PCB with whatever the micro connectors are called, red and black wire, a battery clip, leds, and some tubing, plus a wee bit o solder.

  • 4tonmantis

    I love how all of these little kickstarters are getting press coverage but Mantic’s Deadzone didn’t get a last minute shout out (even though I tried to get it in as a news article)… NOR.. did I see anything about the smashing success of the Deadzone Kickstarter.

    Yeah this looks high for what it is.

    • Grindar

      Because the majority of the people who follow this newsfeed have known about it for over a month…How many articles were there already about it? It didn’t need it. It didn’t smash records, if we’re not already invested in the project why do we need to know it ended well? And if we are invested, we already know. It didn’t exactly smash records.

      Mantic gets plenty of screentime here, heaven forbid something not be mentioned though eh?

      • Grindar

        bah, no edit button and didn’t catch I said “smash records” :p

        • 4tonmantis

          As a matter of fact it did smash a record. The total for Deadzone was more (by a bit) than the combined totals of their previous kickstarters.
          How it ended is news regardless of whether you knew it or not. A lot of people didn’t expect it to make it quite to 1 mil. I’m not sure exactly what you have against this but I don’t think what I’m saying is crazy talk.

  • chromedog

    I thought the prices were a bit steep, too – but I’ve been tinkering with electronics for the last 30 or so years – so I already know HOW to do this stuff.
    It’s primarily designed for the gamer with neither those skills nor generally the will to learn them, so that they can enjoy the flashenblinkenlightzen effects in their wardollies without the “hard work” behind it. Lego for the iPad generation.

    Model railroaders have had this stuff available for a few years now (with and without programmable modules and smoke/noise generators.), modular solder-less connections and all.