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Final Days for Orcs Must Die! on Kickstarter

Petersen Games has just a few days left to go for their Orcs Must Die! board game Kickstarter project. The game, based on the award-winning video game, is a cooperative tower-defense style game where players must protect their castle from... well... orcs. They're closing in on being 5x funded, and have pretty much everything unlocked that you can add to the campaign. Grab your axe/hammer/wand and set some traps, because Orcs Must Die.

From the campaign:

The award winning game Orcs Must Die! has at last made its way to the table top! Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs. Teamed with Robot Entertainment our new game is precisely adapted to the tabletop environment. It includes scores of great plastic figures of all your favorite heroes, plus hordes of orcs, crossbow orcs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and more. Build a fortress, then watch swarms of baddies plunge through your defenses.

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame is designed and published by Petersen Games. Our friends at Robot Entertainment are providing art and other digital assets. However, Petersen Games is solely responsible for creating and running this project.

How Is It Played?

Each individual game supports 1-4 players, who must co-operate to survive the enemy onslaught. You and your friends each choose a hero as your game avatar. Each hero has an individual sheet, with his characteristics, special ability, and superpower, that you need to save for the right moment. Each hero also comes with a heroic-sized figure and special weapon upgrades.

Choose a map – you can select a map we’ve included, or create your own! A typical map is made up of from 4 to as 10 or more tiles. The game has a lot of pieces, but the map itself fits just fine on a typical gaming (or dining room) table. Finally, the fight begins! Each turn, waves of orcs and other monsters move pitilessly across your map, relentlessly aiming for your poor Rift. You and your allies race around the map, placing traps strategically and facing invaders in hand-to-hand combat.

Earn trophy skulls for killing your enemies! Your collection of skulls is the game’s “currency” – spend them to upgrade your weapons, buy magic amulets, upgrade your war camp, and other uses.