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Final days for Oakbound Miniatures on Kickstarter

Oakbound Miniatures is in their final couple of days over on Kickstarter for their Folk From the Oakbound Woods 28mm Kickstarter campaign. They've reached their goal and then some, so check out the extras.

stretch goal


From the campaign:

With three days left we've broken the £2000 barrier! That means there are accessories packs up for grabs. I've not started sculpting these yet, but hopefully I'll have some progress to show you tomorrow. In the meantime I'll put the reward up and suffice to say there will be at least the items shown here, possibly a few more bits too! Remember to visit the Facebook page and leave us a message if you have any requests. If you'd rather wait until you see them all finished they'll be available from the Oakbound shop around the time your miniatures get shipped.