Final Days for maximum Xcrawl on Kickstarter

Goodman Games has just a few days left on their Maximum Xcrawl RPG game for Pathfinder up on Kickstarter. They’ve made it through a bunch of stretch goals, including free terrain. Check it out.



From the campaign:

As you read in the last designer’s diary, Brendan has been running Xcrawl for the Fat Dragon crew at Gen Con for several years now. Tom from Fat Dragon has decided to throw in on this Kickstarter with a free bonus item for everyone who pledges for the core rulebook. With your core rulebook pledge, you’ll get a free copy of E-Z Dungeons and the mechanical traps expansion from Fat Dragon! Thanks Tom!

(Secret hint: Tom from Fat Dragon has actually dabbled in Xcrawl-specific scenery. Nothing was ever finished or released, but I’ve seen the pieces that he made for home use. Tell him that you want to see that Xcrawl scenery pack finished and let’s motivate him a bit!)