Final days for Lesser Gnome’s Whisper & Venom RPG on Kickstarter

Lesser Gnome is in their final days for their Whisper & Venom RPG over on Kickstarter. They’ve made it well above their funding goal, but there’s always more stretches they can reach.

From the campaign:

Every threat has a source…get this one in Resin….

The Ancient Broodsource Attoral is ready for down payment to Michael Branch to bring a dark monster the new fashionable pose he so desperately needs 🙂

$19,750, not too far but not much longer left either…

I want to have everything included in Whisper & Venom. So much that when you lift it up your first thought will be ….

“Wow, that is less than a gram under 4.5 lbs, amazing!.”

I will get back to shipping…don’t think I will forget; I have nightmares about supply chain in general and shipping in particular. That level of self-imposed anxiety is just one more guarantee that Lesser Gnome has got you covered 🙂