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Final days for Kings of War Kickstarter

Mantic is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their Kings of War campaign. They've come a long way. Go check out the add-ons and extras that are part of it.


From them to you:

There are just three days of the Kings of War Kickstarter left – it finishes 11:59pm Monday 1st December!!

We’ve funded a ton of great new units for the Kings of War armies, like the Forest Shamblers, Basilean Heavy Arbalest and we’re closing in on the Ogre Berserker Braves and Orc War Drum.

It was important to us that we could offer total value for money on this Kickstarter. Our $50 Living Legend pledge has a fantastic saving, and we’ve also listed Optional Add-ons for Fantasy Scenery by 4Grounds, Plastic Gaming Table from Secret Weapon, Custom Dice and today we’ve added affordable Army Boosters to get you more variety and choice for your force.

There’s just so much stuff – go check it out here.