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Final days for Infinite Crypt modular terrain system on Kickstarter

Infinite Crypt has just a couple days left on Kickstarter. They've made 1.5x their funding, so check out the stuff that's been added and see what unlocks next.


From the campaign:

Infinite Crypt is a new class of laser-cut gaming terrain that we haven’t seen before. It provides modular architectural elements that are solid and sculptural, and can be reconfigured to create all sorts of adventurous locations – catacombs, labyrinths, fortifications, bridges and more.

Rather than whole buildings, Infinite Crypt standardises towards 2? x 2? x 1? elements with which you can build whatever you like. We’re looking to keep the cost right down – because however cool and configurable it is, you need to make sure you can get your hands on LOADS of it.