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Final Days for Heavy Gear Blitz on Kickstarter

Dream Pod 9 is in their final couple days for their Heavy Gear Blitz: War For Terra Nova Kickstarter campaign. They've come quite a long way. Go check 'em out.


From the campaign:

For all the Backers, new and old, thank you for your support, we started the project with a modest goal of $27,000 CAD to pay for the very expensive molds need to make a Basic Starter Set of 16 plastic miniatures. Now 27 days into the project we have unlocked 14 main stretch goals and numerous mini-stretch goals. We now have an amazing Core Starter Set of 47 miniatures, Color Quick Start Rulebook, Backer Patch, plus a lot of Free Downloads. The true retail value of all the individual miniatures included in the Core Starter Set is over $300. You get it all for a Pledge of $115 CAD (about $100 USD) plus shipping of $15 for US and Canadian Backers and actual shipping cost for International Backers. That`s a cost of less that $2.50 per miniature compared to our old metal cost of $8 or more per miniature.