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Final days for Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps on Kickstarter

Goodman Games are in their final couple days on Kickstarter. Their book, Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps, collects all 5 volumes of Grimtooth's Traps into one 460-page place. Want to really get at your players? Just set some of these incredibly diabolical traps in your dungeon and watch them go.
Originally wanting $17k, they've made over $101k. So be sure to check out the upgrades and extras that've been unlocked.


From the campaign:

All right humans, this is your chance to own the 460-page hardcover compilation of all five of my systems-neutral Grimtooth’s Traps books – plus loads of extras! We’re talking 500+ traps and maybe me making a guest appearance in a Dungeon Crawl Classics crossover module. I’m Grimtooth the Troll, and I’ll be your guide on this Kickstarter tour, so gird your loins, get your dice and let me tell you a tale…