Final days for Fragged Empire on Kickstarter

Fragged Empire has just a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made over 5x their goal and closing in on 6x. Be sure to check out the stretch goals they’ve gone through.

Fragged Empire


From the campaign:

Another stretch goal down! All backers of at least the Digital Patron ($30aud) pledge level will be given 12 Ambient Audio Tracks to give their gaming sessions more immersion.

All audio tracks will be provided by Tim, from

I highly recommend you go and have a look at his work, it’s all free! Also, be sure to re-listen to the audio tracks on our main KS page 😀

We will have 12 Tracks in total, 2 will be focused towards each playable race (ambient spacecraft track for each race and a culturally specific location, eg: Corp CBD, Kaltoran Bar, Legion War zone and a Nephilim Lab) and 3 will be broadly science fiction in nature (eg: Space EVA, etc…).